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Landscape engraving showing Cocken Hall set within the wider landscape and its formal gardens. View from the southwest. (Image from 1 January 1723 - 31 December 1733)

Notes about the Image:
1. Chester.
2. Lumley Castle.
3. Lumley Town.
4 Lumley Ferry.
5 Harbourhouse
6 Panshare Hill. [BOTTOM LEFT]
COCKEN near Durham
The seat of Ralph Carr Esqr. [BOTTOM CENTRE]
7. Newbottle.
8. Houghton
9. East Renton
10. Finkley Abbey.
11. Cocken Ferry.
12. The River Were. [BOTTOM RIGHT]
[Caption on Illustration]

Structures identified:

  • Cocken Hall ( [NON EXTANT], Low Cocken Farm, DURHAM) view details of this structure
Image details:
COCKEN near Durham - Robinson Library - Special Collections Department , Collection Reference Number: C450



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